Farm & Community

Our collective of Dutch farmer families are a close-knit community that uphold family values like togetherness. After all, it’s not just business it’s a family business.

The very reason why the cooperative was created was for neighbouring Dutch farmers to help each other and, in doing so, thrive as a community even in diffcult times. And to this day, our farmer families remain loyal to the same values on which their ancestors founded the farms.

We aim to pass on this sense of community with the farmers in Asia when we share our Dutch knowledge and quality standards with them.

Farmer Collective

What makes us special is that we are a cooperative that’s run by and for farmers. Our more than 17,000 dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany all have a say in how the company is run, with representatives sitting in the supervisory board.

We created this unique structure to help build a stable environment for our farmer families. By ensuring they can find support for each other within the community, they can stand stronger, united by the passion for milk. Every link of the chain, from the sustainable way we farm our land, the care and methods we use, to the people involved is one inseparable unit within our cooperative.

We are now one of the biggest dairy cooperatives in the whole world. In fact, our members produce and process milk and milk products to be sold in over 100 countries all over the globe.

Dairy Development programme (DDP)

Over 140 years ago, our Dutch dairy farmers needed to work together to ensure their milk got to market without spoiling. What started as shared transportation led to shared technology and techniques, leading to the founding of the co-operative which in turn helped improve the livelihood of our Dutch farmers and their families.

Today, we share what we’ve learned with farmers in Asia. Through knowledge-sharing, training courses, exchange programmes and the establishment of local milk distribution and collection systems, the Dairy Development Programme (DDP) has supported over 40,000 local dairy farmers in Asia. By helping farmers here improve the quality of their milk, we can contribute towards the welfare of farmers in Asia. In some cases, we’ve even seen more than 25% growth in revenue for them.

And that’s not all. It also means families in Asia can enjoy delicious quality milk.



現凡購買子母®牛奶飲品110毫升4盒裝,保留電子收據並以Whatsapp發送以下資料至 +852 9545 5782登記,即有機會贏取玩具”反”斗城$300現金券:

1. 英文姓名 (與身份證相同)

2. 身份證號碼 (首4位數字)

3. 收據圖片


 第1週: 2016年3月7日至3月13日

 第2週: 2016年3月14日至3月20日

 第3週: 2016年3月21日至3月27日

 第4週: 2016年3月28日至4月3日

 第5週: 2016年4月4日至4月10日

 第6週: 2016年4月11日至4月17日

 第7週: 2016年4月18日至4月24日

 第8週: 2016年4月25日至5月1日





• 收據之交易日期及參加者之登記日期必需於同一星期的指定日期內進行,如收據過期或損毀將不獲計算

• 每名參加者參加次數不限,唯每張收據只可登記一次

• 用作登記之英文姓名需與參加者之身份證英文姓名相同,如參加者以同一英文姓名分別以兩個電話號碼登記將會合拼消費額

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• 本活動不接受網上購物交易、信用卡客戶存根、複製收據及送貨單單據。登記後請保留收據正本以作日後領獎和核實之用

• 本活動之推廣及獎品受條款及細則約束,如有任何爭議,菲仕蘭(香港)有限公司保留最終決定及解釋權

• 收集個人資料聲明: 菲仕蘭(香港)有限公司是在參加者自願提供的情況下收集她/他的個人資料,包括姓名、香港身份證或護照號碼(首3位數字)及聯絡電話。參加者的個人資料只供此推廣活動之用,而在未獲得參加者同意前,本公司不會使用參加者個人資料作其他用途,並於活動完結後三星期內銷毀。查詢熱線: +852 2859 0866